The 2017 online writing exchange was amazing and successful for me. The thing that I really enjoy about the writing exchange was that every student had a great opportunity to have a second chance to improve their stories and change any errors that was found. It gives you a chance to really prove yourself of your writing skills, because of the small mistakes that you made. It really makes a difference in your writing.

A 5'2 package

Happiness can come in all shapes and sizes. Happiness in this case comes in a 5’2 package that pleases all. This package has it all. Happiness, security, and safety all in one. Her name is Cynthia, and if you ever wanted these things, go take a quick glance at this beautiful creature that god made, to truly bring happiness and positivity to this world. When the world lights up, it’s from Cynthia’s smile. The cure to sadness, is when she flashes her perfect, white teeth that can cheer anyone up. Her long, fiery red, silky hair shows the attitude of Cynthia, fierce and confident in herself. Her hair twirls in the cool breeze, so gracefully. When the wind blows, her eyes glimmer more than the sea. Her eyes stare you deep into the soul and tell a story through the light, copper, brown color that appeals to many. Her eyes match her beautiful tan complexion. Everything glows on her. She can even wear her lounge pants and sweaters, but her beauty overpowers it because it tells a story that pe…